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This blog was created by thehair transplant surgeon Doctor  Arslan Musbeh with the aim of informing you about healthier and wider hair transplantation.
Hair transplantation should be performed by an experienced surgeon. We do not trust virtual clinics established on the Internet.

Dr. ARSLAN Musbeh,Hair implant surgeon, pioneer specialist in the hair transplant istanbul in Turkey.
He was born in Turkey and obtained his medical degree from Odessa Medical University in 2000.
The practitioner then lived in France for 12 years where he specialized in general medicine and then specialized in the treatment of alopecia and hair transplantation.

He holds the European Inter University Diploma “Treatments and Surgery of Baldness.
He is currently a trainer au IUD (European Inter University Diploma)  Treatments and Surgery of Baldness at Claude Bernard University in Lyon, France......more


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